Chrysalis Moon

We invite you to join us at the best pagan mini-fest in the Midwest – Chrysalis Moon!

2014 Guests of Honor

Joyce and River Higginbotham

Joyce and River Higginbotham have taught Paganism classes throughout the past decade. They have planned and organized local and national Pagan gatherings, written articles for Pagan publications, appeared on radio and television broadcasts, spoken at Christian and Unitarian churches, and attended interfaith councils. They also helped found the Council for Alternative Spiritual Traditions, which hosts public Pagan and alternative events in the Midwest.

Joyce and River have authored three books: Paganism, An Introduction To Earth-centered Religions, Pagan Spirituality, A Guide To Personal Transformation, and ChristoPaganism: An Inclusive Path.

Corirose Anjali (Wildheart Dancingfree)

As a healing practitioner and ceremonialist I've been blessed to work with individuals and groups for over 30 years. I've been playing guitar and piano and writing songs since I was a little girl. I enjoy connecting with others spiritually through song circles, experiential learning and fun community building activities. I love co-created ritual and have a background of leading Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest Ceremony.

After years of studying and practicing Compassionate Communication, I’m helping develop The Grove Community’s Communication Arts as a trainer and facilitator. This collaborative work feeds my soul’s dedication: Empowering all of us to discover greater connection with ourselves, and what matters most in our lives.

Lucinda Anjali

I believe healthy community is the foundation of what heals all. I serve in the world as a mentor, teacher, healing practitioner, music-maker and story-teller. Co-creating experiences of transformational healing, soul-level growth, and consciousness evolution is among my most cherished work. I have a passion for building group intimacy through voice, breath, sound, and movement, weaving harmonies with others, inviting every voice "in" because that is what makes the tapestry beautiful and complete. I carry a deep understanding of the power of people uniting to re-story a life-fostering essential reality for these changing times. This is what I sing about, imagine, live for and pray for.

2014 Musical Guests

Murphey’s Midnight Rounders

Murphey’s Midnight Rounders is an Acoustic/Americana band with their feet firmly planted in Folk music. Their original material runs the gamut of human emotion while their vocal harmonies have an impact that’s fresh and inspiring.