Chrysalis Moon

This year's theme: It Takes a Tribe to Nurture a Seed.

We invite you to join us at the best pagan mini-fest in the Midwest – Chrysalis Moon!

2016 Special Guest


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2016 Musical Guest

Murphy's Midnight Rounders

Murphey’s Midnight Rounders has been described as a cross between the Grateful Dead and the Andrews sisters. With that visual in mind, the Rounders comes across as honest, refreshing and magickal. It’s a fresh musical take on the concept of liberty.

Brad Murphey has distinguished himself as a songwriter, arranger and guitarist. Original songs, such as, "Tom's Song" and "Soul of the Nation," are soulful fragments of lost dreams. Others, such as "Third Bombay" and "Uncle Chronic," give us insights into his twisted sense of humor. Brad is a ‘by-product’ of Northwestern College Conservatory, where he focused on classical composition and conducting. He worked in theater as an actor and make-up artist, and has acted in musicals and musical comedies.

Teresa Frank started out as a dancer, performing in Dance Lines and Competition Disco (back in the ‘80’s, it was not a contact sport). She started to explore other forms of artistic expression and found that she had a talent for music. In the last few years, Teresa has found that she has a talent for percussion, especially, Bodhran and Djembe. Her voice lends a silky texture to the Rounders’ harmonies and soulfulness to her lead vocals. Teresa has recently expanded the band's sound with the addition of the Mandolin and bass.

Nancy Dawn Olson has taken Eau Claire by storm. She has the ability to sing many styles, from Blues to Country. She can
soothe, seduce, mesmerize, and hypnotize you with her melodic stories. Nancy has performed for Acousti-Cabaret, The Last Waltz (as Joni Mitchell in 2012), performed at Summer Strummer, Eau Claire's Sounds Like Summer festival and various bars clubs and pubs. She has also been co-host for two Sunday radio shows on WHYS 96.3 FM LP, Eau Claire.
Jeanette Atwood never dreamed she'd get in touch with her latent 'hippie' roots. But, for the last 3 years, she's played washboard and hand percussion with a traveling band. She's our Road Mom and Washboard player and turning into quite a comedian on stage. Sarcasm spoken here.

Murphey's Midnight Rounders has been in the top 10 Americana bands on the list for 4 years.