Festival Rules


Registration for Chrysalis Moon Festival indicates acceptance of the following agreements and policies. Do not register until you have read, understood, and agreed to the guidelines and procedures for Chrysalis Moon.

I have read the entire contents of the registration form. I agree to comply fully with Chrysalis Moon’s guidelines.

I agree to sign up for and perform at least 2 hours of service per adult during the festival.

I will not bring anyone who is not pre-registered or identified on the check-in sheet.

All minors under my care are identified by name on this form.

I assume full responsibility for my personal welfare, personal property and any minors in my care at Chrysalis Moon Festival under all circumstances.

I understand that this festival is being held at a camping area and that I need to exercise caution to maintain the health and safety of myself/ourselves and others.

I assume full responsibility for my conduct related to the festival site environment including protection and conservation.

I understand that any medical, childcare, and other services at the festival I choose to use for myself and/or minors in my care are totally at my own risk.

I understand that if I and/or the minors in my care choose not to comply with Chrysalis Moon’s guidelines, I will be required to leave without refund and I agree to comply.

Chrysalis Moon festival is not clothing optional.

I agree to leave pets/animal familiars at home.


I agree to hold harmless Chrysalis Moon, Inc., its directors, staff, volunteers and associates; festival location's staff, volunteers and/or associates—for any personal injury or loss occurring to me/us or any minors under my/our care as a result of my/our participation in any activity connected with Chrysalis Moon, Inc. under any circumstances. I agree to abide by the privacy and photo guidelines of Chrysalis Moon Festival as outlined below.


Everyone wanting to take photos at Chrysalis Moon Festival must present their camera to C.M. check-in staff during check-in and have it tagged.

I give permission to Chrysalis Moon, INC. staff to use photographs of me in the promotion of the festival.

I acknowledge that these photographs could be used in such materials as flyers, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, visual presentations (power points) and on websites for the Chrysalis Moon festival. I also understand that these photos may be shared with other event organizers in the promotion of Chrysalis Moon Festival.

General attendee photo guidelines:

  • No taking photos without the permission of everyone in the photo.
  • No photography of large groups.
  • No videotaping is allowed.
  • No marketing, publishing, transmitting or posting of photos taken at Chrysalis Moon Festival, other than those used by Chrysalis Moon, Inc. staff for promotional uses only.
  • No-Photo badges will be distributed to those wishing their picture not be taken. Please notify staff at check-in for your badge.

    Please assist us by following the guidelines to ensure the sanctity of this Festival and protecting the confidentiality of participants.


    1. Definition: Vendors provide services and/or sell products. Products and services prohibited include alcohol, tobacco and anything prohibited by local, state, and federal laws.
    2. Vendor shall provide all items needed for the booth (tables, chairs, tent, water, etc.).
    3. Vendors must comply with all fire, health, safety and other applicable laws, rules or regulations. Examples include: Have a 2A-10BC fire extinguisher.
    4. Vendor set-up shall be confined to the space ordered. Please be respectful of your vendor neighbor’s space.
    5. A space cannot be sub-let or given to another party without prior written permission from the Festival Committee.
    6. Vendors shall keep their space and area surrounding it free of litter and trash at all times. All refuse must be disposed of appropriately.
    7. This is a 5-day event with NO rain date or refunds.
    8. Chrysalis Moon, INC. and its agents/employees/volunteers shall not be liable for any damage either to person or property, sustained by the Vendor or by any other persons. The Vendor further agrees that all personal property upon the premises belonging to vendor or any other person shall be at the risk of the Vendor only and that the Chrysalis Moon, Inc. and its agents/employees/volunteers not be liable for any damages thereto or theft thereof.
    9. Chrysalis Moon, INC. reserves the right to require removal of any advertising or merchandise we consider to be offensive or that violates state and federal policy.
    10. Disregarding or ignoring any terms of this agreement are immediate grounds for suspension of Vendor sales or privileges.
    11. Payment for booth space constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.