Astrology and the Chakras
Rev. Bill Duvendack

The inter-dimensional energy vortices known as chakras have come into the western mindset
over the last 160 years, and are reclaiming their place when it comes to healing and overall
energetic health. An age old body of knowledge, it can be worked with energetically to achieve
maximum results, both proactively and retroactively. Astrology can be used to connect not only
the human body with the macrocosm, but it can also tell us when good times exist to maximize
chakra work. In this class, we will look at the correlations between the two systems, and how to
use astrology to increase chakra work to greater ends. The class will last two hours long, and
handouts will be provided

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Festival 101
Rev. Rita Harmon

The purpose of this workshop is to help you get familiar with festival etiquette -- what to expect and how to conduct yourself among the tribe. You will learn about the Do's, the Don'ts, and Safety during a festival. This workshop is a must for all first timers as well as very enlightening for old timers.

Rita comes from a Native American Shamanism background and majored in philosophy and theology in college. Rita is a registered nurse that specialized in critical care and then psychiatric nursing. She has studied with Dianic, Shamanistic, and spiritual practioners. Rita has been teaching at The Magic Candle for 11 years and teaches 2- year long Mystery Schools, Alchemy, History and Symbols classes.
Friends and Family CPR
Ruth Sutherland

Ruth will be facilitating a friends and family type of CPR which means no mouth-to-mouth, but we will work on dummies. This workshop could help you save a life. This is not a certification workshop; we will do that next year.
There will be a $5.00 fee to cover supplies which are a booklet and special gift. Class size will be limited to 6-8 participants per session.

Ruth has been in healthcare for over 30 years. She has taken several classes with Blue Moon Circle and is currently an assistant instructor in the Herb class. Ruth is an Earth child. As the only child of a Forester, trees and nature were her friends and life. She is of Irish and Northern European lineage; but feels a tug to the Native American culture. Ruth feels she is still finding her way wherever it may lead.
Invoking and Evoking the Tarot Archetypes: Invoking the Star
Mama Gina

We'll define and discuss practical theory regarding invoking and evoking archetypal energies, and then participate in a guided meditation, invoking the Star from the Tarot Major Arcana. Please bring paper and pencil if you wish to take notes, your Star card from your Tarot deck (if you don't have a deck - no worries, Mama Gina has plenty), and a very open mind and even more open heart.

Mama Gina is a Pagan Bard, singer/songwriter, fearless storyteller, and wanderlust. With down-to-earth, bluesy vocals, a bit of humor, and straight-ahead, rhythmic, acoustic guitar, djembe and frame drum, she tells the true stories that fall into her head and heart. She sings of life, death and rebirth. She sings of holding on and letting go. She speaks to the Gods and Goddesses and they speak back. Oh, boy, do they speak back! She sings their stories as they become her own. She sings of her spiritual connection to the natural world, and of our responsibility to nurture both the mundane and the magical. When she is not performing, you just might find her camping in the woods seeking inspiration from the earth beneath her feet and the vast, open sky.
Living Alchemy
Rev. Bill Duvendack

Alchemy is one of the oldest subjects known to humanity. It is the grandfather of chemistry,
among other things, and the very word can conjure up images of a mad man in a laboratory.
So, what IS alchemy? This class will discuss alchemy from a spiritual perspective.
Participants will study the 7 stages of alchemy, and understand how they can be applied in
everyday life, without a laboratory or an Igor! This class will be two hours long and handouts will
be provided.

Rev Bill Duvendack. Is a 30-year practitioner and student of the western mysteries, as well as being an internationally known astrologer; specifically, an esoteric astrologer, presenter, psychic, teacher, and author. Rev Duvendack is an ordained independent Spiritualist minister, who can provide ceremonies of any faith and type, in accord with one’s beliefs. I have performed everything from weddings and handfastings to baby naming and blessing ceremonies, as well as remembrance services. I am ordained through Circle of Light Independent Spiritualist Church, where I have formally sat on the board in a variety of positions for many years.I am also an ordained Thelemic priest and Bishop through the EGNU, and the High Priest of the Temple of Ascending Flame.
Morning Frame Drum Meditation with Mama Gina
Mama Gina

Mama Gina will share how she uses the frame drum in her personal meditative practice. You'll get an opportunity to play a bit and sing and chant into the drum, and then we'll settle in for a brief meditation. If you have any kind of frame drum, please bring it! You do not need any knowledge of drumming or frame drumming to participate in this workshop.

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The Elements: an Astrological Perspective
Rev. Bill Duvendack

There are four elements that can be considered building blocks of this third dimensional
reality: Earth, Water, Air & Fire. How does astrology treat these? What can astrology tell us
about the elements, and how can we apply that knowledge to our understanding of this reality?
This class is meant to address the many different facets of each element, and how an
understanding of this can produce a better understanding of the world around us, and how to
synthesize this into our spiritual path and growth. This class is two hours long and will include handouts.

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Yoga in the Morning
Janet Adams

Join Janet for a not-too-early, easy Yoga and stretching class. Wear clothes you that don't restrict you. Bring a mat, rug or towel (I have a few extra mats). All are welcome.
Space is limited, sign up early.

Janet has been studying yoga on and off for 20 years. She taught for several years at her church with the blessing of her teacher.